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This device can be connected in two different ways:
– Power supply mode only to risers: in this case the power supply reaches each of the risers.
– Power supply to risers and panels: in this case the power supply reaches each of the risers and also the street panels (when the street panel does not have a local supply).

Power supply: 18VDC
Consumption only risers mode:
– Standby: 130mA
– Calling: 135mA
Consumption risers and panels mode:
– Standby: 140mA
– Calling: 145mA
Operating temperature: -5ºC to 40ºC
Input data minimum signal (without ripple): 1Vp
Maximum 5 cascading units.
If the splitter module does not include a power supply, the terminal limit will no longer depend on the power supplying capacity of the splitter, instead, it will depend on the voltage drop. In the worst operating scenario, the last terminal connected to the riser must receive at least 15V and this depends on the wiring and the supported telephone load.
The maximum direct current load during the start is 1A.

DIN 10 dimensions: 175x 90 mm x60 mm